Logo Competition

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The Church is holding a Logo Competition. Here are the details:

  • Please register using this Google Form: https://forms.gle/X9NY1JUjyt64Ny86A by April 18th. This google form is not for submission but we kindly ask if you are interested in submitting a logo that you register with your name and email address.
  • Anyone from the congregation may enter the competition
  • The logo must represent the following:¬†
    • Coptic
    • Christian
    • The Church of Archangel Michael & St. Tekla
    • Bonus: The City of Brampton
  • You can provide up to a max of 3 variations/options of your design¬†
  • We prefer the file to be made as a .svg file type
  • Please make sure the font and size choices are legible and consistent
  • Please stick to a colour scheme/do not overload the logo
  • Here are some ways to get started and get the best result:
    • Try something new and take risks
      • Experiment while remembering to not get carried away with colours and effects
    • Keep it simple
      • The best design is the one that says it all in the least possible.
  • Consider using this process to develop the logo:
    • Research
    • Brainstorm and generate ideas
    • Preliminary sketches
    • Finalize the design
  • Remember to have fun and keep it appropriate
  • There will be two options for submission:
    • Option 1 (preferred): Using this Google Form: https://forms.gle/dy1cBNtAGj6sCSp98
    • Option 2: By email, please send submissions to [email protected] The subject line is: Logo Competition Submission. Please include your first and last name in the email as well as your logo attached to the email
  • The due date for submission is May 9th (Thomas Sunday) and the winner will be announced on Pentecost (June 20th)
  • Winner Selection:
    • A google form will be made available to all the congregation to vote for their favourite design, the voting will be open from May 10 – May 30. After this, the top logos will be shown to Fr. Morcos and Fr. Michael to select the winner who will be receiving a grand prize! The top 3 logos from the voting stage will also be receiving a prize!

We encourage all to participate, God Bless you and good luck!